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This last Wednesday was our last day at Sunrise of Life so we had the very sad task of saying goodbye to all of the kids and to the center staff. On Tuesday night after dinner Mumma had all of the kids come in the main house and sit down so that we could all say goodbye one last time. Three of the kids, Zuwana, Kennedy, and Prosper were asked to say a couple of words about the volunteers time at the center and to say thank you on behalf of all of the kids. The three of them said that it was so much fun to have us around and that they will all miss us... And every single one of them at the end of their speeches said please never forget us which just made my heart melt and that was when the water works started. After they were done saying their thanks, Mumma made each of the volunteers who were leaving say a little something about our time at the center and at that point Katie and I were crying (Stephen probably was too but would never admit it) and we had to hold it back long enough to tell them how special they are to us and how much fun we have had with them the last few weeks and that we would never ever forget them... I also told them, that they are my Tanzania family and that I now have three moms, about 25 brothers, and 5 sisters. After that we said lala salama (goodnight) and told them that we would wake up early to say goodbye to them all as they were leaving for school, they all laughed at as because they thought we were crazy for wanting to wake up that early. But, of course we did and we sat in the back of the pickup truck in the middle of the driveway so they couldn't escape without getting a giant hug from the three of us. Even with all of our efforts Kennedy did somehow escape through the back way but he did warn us the night before that he would probably cry if he saw us so we were half expecting that.

On Wednesday afternoon we arrived in Zanzibar to amazing sunshine and warmth. That first night we stayed in a guest house in the middle of Stonetown and once we checked in we went out to explore the maze like city. Shortly after running into the ocean a man named George approached us and started telling us about the night market and the amazing food that him and his friends were preparing to sell later that night for dinner. So, we followed him to a near by park where there were tables lined with any kind of fish you could imagine, pizzas, cane sugar juice, kebobs and much, much more..... He convinced us right then and there that that is what we were going to be eating for dinner but because it was Ramadan we had to wait until sunset otherwise they would be fined if they started serving food any earlier than that. While we were waiting for dinner George was telling us all about his boats and all of the tours he and his friends offer around the city. So of course rather than booking through the hotels we book straight through George and arrange all of our transport top all of our other hotels on the north end of the island, a spice tour, and Stonetown tour by George himself on Sunday when we come back from the beach.

On Thursday we take a taxi about a half an hour East to the coast to stay one night a resort right on the beach. The night was amazing the place was beautiful and there were maybe five other groups of people staying there otherwise empty. Once we checked in I claimed my hammock on the beach and did not leave there until dinner time. The next afternoon we took another taxi North to the very tip of the Island to the resort Kendwa Rocks where the supposedly have amazing white beaches.... however, this meant that there were hundreds of white people and very touristy resorts...which we found out the hard way was too much of a culture shock for us coming from the center and seeing white people every once and a while in town and having to take bucket showers normally. Because of all of the people we thought it would be a good idea to book an activity to do to get away from all of the tourists so Katie decided we should go deep sea fishing. It was a great idea but, I am pretty sure most things that could have gone wrong....did go wrong... We woke up a 6:00 am to find it was cloudy and cold... which while we out fishing turned to cold rain.... our nice deep sea fishing boat was really a local fishing boat with one engine.... luckily it did not fail other wise we would be floating who knows where in the ocean right now....Also due to the approaching rain the waves where rather larger and it turns out that Katie and I don't do so well in semi rough seas so we were doing everything we could from "chumming the water".... and of course after about 2 hours we had caught zero fish (we might have been more lucky if we did "chum" the water) . At this point we all came to an agreement that it was time to go back even though we really had 4 more hours left to fish. Then to top it all off the only fish that did bight on our way back to shore broke the line right off.... but just in case it wasn't a fish out driver wanted to go back and check the fishing nets we passed by to see if the lure might have broke off on one..... So it the pouring rain and rough sea we go back to see if we can find the lure. I am pretty sure I don't have to go deep sea fishing ever again in Zanzibar.

Also, last night we decided to make a change in our itinerary and we decided to not go to Namibia next week because things got to be more complex with the planning aspect then we originally thought so..... we are going to go back to the center for one more week before we go to Zambia and South Africa. We a kind of pathetic but we just miss the kids and the mummas and there is just so much that can always be done there that we decided to change our plans.... Plus some of the kids are on break from school so it will be fun to get to meet them too!

I will keep everyone posted if any of our other plans change.

Hope all is well in Minnesota!


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